maintain – nicky bleeze كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: nicky bleeze]

9th grade to now sh-t of course won’t be the same
relationships like 2k i guess that i was played
d-mn, i went from no money to finally getting payed
and all it took was a chance to make a change. see
i went from worker sh-t now i’m the boss
of course i made mistakes sh-t involving the cops
but now i’m focused to be risen to the very top
and i couldn’t do it without anyone in the squad now

let me get it
sh-t is so prophetic, lyrics embedded in your central nervous system
they think i’m illuminati cause my rhymes triangulate like a f-cking prism
but sh-t, look at the life i done made
a change smoker who’s failing the 10th grade
but d-mn, maybe i quit after this tape
because the love you guys give me keep me up to maintain x2

d-mn i miss the 8th grade
i could get high and had no time to feel pain
anxiety’s a b-tch don’t let it control your brain
just find a d-mn way to maintain x2

[verse 2: nicky bleeze]
just think about it
no problem is worst thinking life ends
the guy who use to hate me became my best friend
my mother got evicted and sent back to her land
and some days i don’t even think i have a plan. sh-t

who the f-ck thought that they can judge?
your life is beautiful cheer up and stop saying that you could
that mentality will not get you where you should
just take advantage of your opportunities

yeah, everyone smile it’s a great day
you don’t need these lame -ss fools to tell you what to say
d-mn it’s so easy if you try to maintain x2


were all equal how bout we start acting like it
instead of worrying about the motherf-ckers ankle-biting
let’s stop fighting and search for alignment. x2

- nicky bleeze كلمات اغنية