psycho – nigglepiggle كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1: n-ggie]
n-ggle piggle, i’m the mother f-cking man
cut your t-tty off and jiggle it around in my hand
i’m a cyclone, worth a hundred f-cking grand
turn up in a van k!ll your whole f-cking gang
i’m a psycho
this ain’t no f-cking joke, stick my b-lls down your throat and watch you f-cking choke
me without murder’s like a junkie with no c0ke, facebook with no poke alcoholics with no notes
still chilling, like a mother f-cking villain
you can’t f-cking stop me i’m on a f-cking mission
ima k!ll you, if you report your daughter missing
slaughter you whole f-cking family, blood all in the kitchen
you little motherf-cker you played me off as a friend
no going back now this ain’t no sh-t you can mend
ima f-cking cut you up, this is the f-cking end
put your corpse on twitter and watch the sh-t trend
you mother f-ckers lied that’s a type i despise
ima rip your f-cking head off and don’t f-cking ask why
you little sh-t, ima gouge out your eyes
i ain’t gonna lie, put them in a kinder surprise
fight a rap battle, you can’t f-cking beat me
tie a noose around your neck and hang you from a tree
once i see blood ima beat my f-cking meat, wanna test me? mother f-cker circle at three
wanna shoot me? i’ll wear a f-cking vest
lie to the judge and to the mother f-cking press
ima choke you on my words, forget the rest
ima f-ck you all up, and your god d-mn friends
swear down your f-cking funeral, no one can attend
turn your face into slush, will it blow, will it blend
remember us b-tch, forget the rest
remember you motherf-cker, rock solid to the end

- nigglepiggle كلمات اغنية