0 to 100 (remix) – nikko dator كلمات اغنية

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[nikko dator]
yeah.. young neek martin the 17th.. hahah..
look im goin for the k!ll call the morticians
see if n-ggas want my spot they need my permission
never sorry for these haters but they forgiven
b-tch im high i been floatin like the floor missin
people say i fell off got they ears closed
only time i fell off was wit dem weirdos
dont comment on my sh-t if you jus talkin
bet they gon be hoppin on my inbox when im poppin
man im seein how it is muhf-ckas ain’t got it
nikko got the juice knock it off boy stop it
haven’t even made it and they actin like hoes
wait until i pull up in the phantom get ghost on these b-tches like
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real spit, big chain, this some real sh-t
0 to 100 n-gga real quick
real quick whole squads gettin real p-ssed
rappers send me tracks but i dont feel this
and still go ahead i turn on the k!ll switch, real sh-t
real crisp baby i dont even stutter
i should be the front page the way i’m over on these covers
look these labels shoulda gave da youngin air time
now these muhf-ckas fadin like a hairline
lil filipino buzzin out in paris
i tried to listen to ya track and got embar-ssed
what the f-ck was you thinkin if i was around then, f-ck no!
i woulda clowned you while you waited for the upload
on the real i should be chargin for the feature
kraft singles like i gotta stack my cheese up
they wanna hear me spit on yo sh-t, dope sh-t
every line got these n-ggas like, “oh sh-t!”
i rock clothes wit names that y’all dont even know
i sold my swagga to these rappers for the low
my pops stressin tryna figure how to pay debt
said he would k!ll just to stack the cake and make it
told him search god so that he could find a route
started prayin for him then he cussed me out, thats some sh-t
the devil is alive but we dont see em
if you ain’t gettin paper, why da f-ck you sleepin?
im forreal why you stealin, why you cheatin
nothing ain’t sh-t if you ain’t livin what you dreamin
people follow me on twitter cause they see me gettin bigger
haters just want a reaction i react by gettin richer
i could bless ya wit a scripture man these verses gettin sicker
i jus wanna have a toast before some breakfast and some liquor
man i swear i turn a dollar to a hunnid n-gga real quick
real quick, lo vis on some real sh-t
stuntin on these mothaf-ckas real quick
this some sh-t they gotta live with
look i just tripled my investment thats a real l!ck
real flip, gettin money, i could still tip
hunnid to a hunnid milli real quick
real quick, real f-ckin quick boy

- nikko dator كلمات اغنية