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make more money don’t make more friends in the streets i committed a 100 sins opps caught us lacking so we spend the bed

your n*ggas acting like they with you but they really not they praying on your downfall so they can take your spot the only reason she around it’s kause she see them knots you use to kick in n*ggas doors you ain’t never knock you use to play with bebe guns now you got a glock traumatize from the hood kause you saw a lot i ain’t have a childhood i was on da block

while y’all was playing at the parks i was in a box shoot out to the ones that wrote me it mean a lot whеn i’m smoking on dis weed it put me in my thoughts my pockets fat like biggiе but i’m thinking like i’m pac if you try to run up boy you getting shot born broke but i’m die rich if you playing in dem streets you betta not have no picks can’t trust a soul so i got it on my hip moved out my hood i ain’t trying end up like nip

- nochildhood كلمات اغنية