sliding down the razor – nokturnel كلمات اغنية

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you’re bound by invisible chains
stricken with terror as i spread my black wings
waiting in line one by one
no more crucifixions, this is more fun

dreading the thought you must be in h-ll
choking on vomit, the sickening smell
a huge deep razor just paper thin
cuts right down through the bone as i grin

crying innocent wondering why
is this the way that they should die?
lead single file on through the gates
on to the slaughter all life i hate

levitation guides their way
as the picture’s growing clear
people being skinned alive
sliding down a huge steep razor

chunks of meat falling to the ground
life’s now pain as it turns out
soul awake, a painful gory birth
sliding, still, a shredded skeletal mess

feeling the pain of a thousand paper cuts
gravity forcing the weight of your body
down the throbbing pain of release
dismembering, slicing, down though your soul

i scream, in joy as i watch you fall apart
while i play in the ribbons of your flesh
i bask in the glory of the remains of my victims
your once human form just a pile of life’s pain

- nokturnel كلمات اغنية