chrome on dubz – n’playaz كلمات اغنية

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i’m rollin’ through the game don’t care about fame
all haters know my name my flow is like cocaine
(cuz i got) chrome on dubz, dubz, dubz
i got chrome on dubz, dubz, dubz
i got chrome on dubz, dubz, dubz
i got chrome on dubz

verse 01:
gasoline, engines and da dust
checkin’ da block scannin’ b-tches, smokin’ da blunt
and i roll, roll straight to da club
car is hoppin’ and jumpin’ while i’m throwin’ da dubz
cuz i’m on fire when i’m getting’ higher
gotta move forward ain’t gone be some lire
hey popo rat don’t trip me that way
a got trunk full of guns and i stay in da game
and i’m cruzin’ in da morning ain’t sleepin’ at night
lowrider slides in da evening this sh-t i can’t deny
on the highway i’m slow my car’s clearance is low
some blunts i have to blow well dat’s some gangsta flow
i’m cruzin’ ain’t alone move to the weed where it’s grow
my hand’s on da phone 24 cars on a raw
da mission on my neck whole crew is movin’ straight
cars makin’ boogie dance we bring da old school back


verse 02:
lights, camera action
street rules ain’t easy animal selection
some skills with da steel character for real
drop in on tattoo shop u got you gangsta seal
da roof is back my eyes are closed with da locs
sun is makin’ da heat got shine from da chrome
when we come da beach da alley of bikini
sunset is like a peach da panties are still creamy
better kill me young or let me live forever
cuz i ain’t got speed limit while tasting my life flavor
living easy and living free
that’s da way i’m doin’ that’s how i’m gonna be
i don’t see stop signs i don’t feel any limit
life is russian roulette like a wheel, gonna spin it.
all hothouse boys say it’s wrong makin’ keys scratch on my chrome
but i’m gone say: “it’s all right!” you hurt your lips with da bite

it’s not a style it’s ain’t a fashion
it’s ain’t some sh-t it’s da straight progression
da way of life you choose your own
but da chrome on dubz obsessed, you have to be born!
da rims like fire-hot da chrome is bringing light
da speakers blow your mind suspension makes u smile!


verse 03:
hey momma, look at me and better hide your daughter
i am a patron in motels and that’s easy to spoil her
be aware! cuz good girl’s like caddy
it’s not a sin to steal her, under da nose of her daddy
every night we have a party and da b-tches getting’ naughty
some people gonna rock some people gonna roll
and i will never stuck madness raise like snowball
the lowrider’s little higher the roof is on fire
i love it, i need it i rock it, yeeeeeh
it’s a wild hurricane you can’t stop this jaaaaam
the life i live i sick da speed is motivation
da flow is like a blast i feel top satisfaction
no matter how we do it n-body can control it
so just feel da heat and move it, move it, move it


- nplayaz كلمات اغنية