little rascal – null null null كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]

this sh-t is easy to me
f-ck who believing in me
i have yet to see a blessing
f-ck what you preaching to me
the devil keep knocking at my door
he bring out the demon in me
i must’ve done dirt in my past life
he tryna get even with me
he speaking to me

(rob something, shoot something, k!ll something)

he reaching for me

(the dark side, walk with me, quit frontin’)

the faces i thought were familiar are foreign
they seem so deceiving to me
i been alone for so long i’m adjusted
these labels don’t want to take no meeting with me
life is a b-tch i guess
death wanna be my chick i guess
she tryna let me hit i guess
but that sound like cheating to me


please don’t get me wrong
i do bad all on my own
sometimes i don’t trust myself
got no heart my conscious gone

[verse 2]

this sh-t is easy to me
f-ck who believing in me
school only gave me the math
f-ck what you teaching to me
i left my friends in the dust
that’s why they beefing with me
they keep on hitting my line
but we got no reason to speak
i might touch down in your city
i might just leave in a week
i talked to my og
and he said some sh-t that’s too deep to repeat
i move the lean for the high
i let the weed go for cheap
but i don’t do dirt where i lay at
some sh-t you just keep in the street
i gave it all of my time
and they wonder why i grind
i woke up to my baby crying
that sound like a reason to me


[verse 3]

i do my dirt on my lonely
i don’t trust none of my homies
hey, i need some cartiers
that’s for the shade they throw on me
i don’t even blame ’em
i did what i had to
they did what they wanted to
now i’m doing numbers
and you doing nothing
i can’t wait to stunt on you

like look at this roley i bought
wow, that look so pricey
look at that whip on the lot
wow, that sh-t so icy
you can be honest, it’s all in your face
i can tell you don’t like me
boy i don’t let nothing get by me
get bored and start looking for something to buy me

i’m living life like the purge
that mean i snap on you n-ggas
i might catch a body if i get the urge
imma stick to this money though
that other sh-t for the birds
i tell ’em stay in your lane
no i don’t want to merge


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