10 am – nyora spouse كلمات اغنية

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[intro: don the king & nora spouse]
mine is*
d*mn bruh, n*ggas really broke as f*ck out here
you f*ckin’ with that sh*t
b*tch ass
yeah, yeah, yeah

[verse 1: nora spouse]
b*tter sounds like ss, i been paid
getting real money since the 10th grade
i celebrate, move my weight, big mistake
yeah, i’m opening windows like bill gates
in a city where, n*ggas not f*cking with me
with b*tches flashing their titties
and i’m outside getting hickeys
but she’s* planning to hit me
you can get me, later after you miss me
now i’m balling, too much money to count
you don’t know a d*mn thing about
getting cheese, now we here [?]
mommy cook me recipies
she made the dollar [?]
that’s, up there
life ain’t fair, yall
f*ck with squares, ah
[bridge: nora spouse]
smokin’ and chokin’, she suckin’, she chokin’
i’m high so i’m floatin’, she wet like the ocean
smokin’ and chokin’, she suckin’, she chokin’
i’m high so i’m floatin’, she wet like the ocean

[verse 2: don the king & nora spouse]
wanna be able to sit back and be amazing
reminiscing bout my past days
but right now, got a lot, on my mind
feel like i’m in a maze
hold on, lemme rephrase
i’m in it, tryna get it, never finish
till the day i diminish
came frontline just like a scrimmage
i’m dusty, you rusty and ugly like a blemish
specialise in drugs like a chemist
burn it like asbestos, [?] on my t*shirt
running till my feet hurt
disrespect hit you in the face, let your t**th burst
smokin’ on herb, thanking mother nature for the earth
i know the pain hurt, wash it down with that sprite though
still leaning like a parked bike, hoe, do you want more
bump it at my shows, motherf*cker watch me go
watch me flow, watch me glow, n*gga, yeah you know
energetic and numb like cocaine, straight to the brain
like these other mans in the game
do i need to fill you in like a madlib
spit corrosive like it’s acid
are you stupid, cause you dreams are looking lucid
stressed as f*ck, tryna get a little [?]
but they pop me, hit the [?] behind my knees
swallowed the rest of my weed
still got suspended, hit with the hardest punishment
and i’m [?], don’t quit it
[outro: nora spouse]
don the king
nora spouse

- nyora spouse كلمات اغنية