nickee coco and the invisible tree – of montreal كلمات اغنية

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nickee coco woke up early one tuesday morning
and decided to go for a walk in the tomato field behind her house.
as she was walking along she saw a magnificently tall invisible tree
and decided to climb up on it. she found the foliage covered branches
so comfortable that she fell fast asleep.
she was still asleep when nightfall came
and her mother became frantic with worry.
she ran from house to house asking everyone
she saw if they had seen nickee or knew where she was.
soon the whole town was aware of nickee’s disappearance
and they immediately started the search.

and so the search began
everybody was looking for nickee coco
they looked on rooftops and in trees in the park
mr. temboley even shouted down the well
“nickee coco if you are down there give a yell”
but he didn’t hear a yell
and so the search went on

everybody was still looking for nickee coco
they asked the stuttering organ grinder in the square
who said “no no no no
i hav-hav-haven’t heard a thi-thing
but the second that i-i-i d-d-do i’ll gi-gi-give a ring
oh-oh-oh the poor poor poor little thing”

all the while nickee was curled up fast asleep
very peaceful in her invisible tree
eating mangos in a dream
and so the search went on

all the while nickee was curled up fast asleep
no longer peaceful in her invisible tree
being chased by antelopes in a dream
and so the search went on

they’re wondering if they’ll ever find nickee coco
nickee’s mother asked miss colvendom in tears
“margaret tell me what on earth i’ve done
to deserve losing my sweet beloved one?
what could i have possibly done?”

many weeks p-ssed
and though some people were beginning to lose hope
they all kept searching and never did nickee leave their thoughts.
one day an owl happened to fly past nickee
still sleeping soundly up in the invisible tree
and rushed back to tell the townspeople.
after an owl translator was called in
and the owl’s wonderful message was understood
the whole town joyously followed the owl back to the invisible tree
where little nickee was still fast asleep.
they all cheered when they saw her
and nickee finally awoke as they lifted her above their heads
and marched victoriously back into town
where they had a huge party in honor of her return and sang this song

nickee coco and the invisible treewe love you nickee coco
we were so sad when we thought we had lost you
nickee coco now we’re so happy
because at last
we found you
we found you
we love you

- of montreal كلمات اغنية