blinded – one match left كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...


i thought everyone always told the truth
how could i be so blind
i shouldn’t have followed you so long
i guess i realize that now in hind-sight

everyone knows long distance things
only work out some times
but it didn’t give you the license to
be decieptful and to

change the rules as you went along
to play this fool as i sang your song
(again) how could i have been so blind
i guess we all put blinders up to keep our hopes alive

your hiding out in other rooms
while i mingle with strangers friends
only you know the truth behind closed doors
its exclusively yours till the end

i should have know this time would come
cause i know that i’m nothing great
but we all know it comes as a surprise
should have woke up long before

its hard to let goooooo
cling to the thought that theres still hope

when these things end
its always hard to look ahead

- one match left كلمات اغنية