nh2 (grins and lies) – open mike eagle كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1 – open mike eagle]

can you feel my pain
i had a bad life
got so much pain, i gotta ask twice
the road’s scary like there’s black ice
my uncle got married to a crack pipe
is you aunt white?
i said no mane
he just feels the ash pipe from the cocaine
this ain’t the fast life, it’s the slow lane
my cousin got caught bootlegging soul plane
i got in trouble for bumping cold vein
only hood sh-t, what a cold game
but that’s old pain, i got new troubles
i’ve been punching the wall, look at my bruised knuckles
saw a fine girl, we’d make a cute couple
i tried talking to her, but i was too subtle
then the bouncer showed me out the club
but i need somebody to show me how to love


i know we seem invincible
and super cool and all unaffected but–
(n-ggas hurt too)
i know we’re on tv
we’re all smiley and sh-t, but you gotta know–
(n-ggas hurt too)


maybe you ain’t never been hurt like this
but if you’ve ever been hurt and sh-t
let me hear you say owwwww (owwwww)
say ow ow (ow ow)

[verse 2 – alpha mc]

when i kick it with the white homies
they drop n-bombs when we high on weed
it hurts but i’m shinin’ on
don’t want that negative n-gga stereotype on me
cause people say stupid things
trying to act like black ain’t human being
not unless he rapping and shooting sprees
but that’s cool with me
more showbiz loot for me
but i ain’t angry, i’m p-ssionate
cause ya’ll so entertained by my b-st-rdness
i can claim i’m an african
but my last name is the same as a white slave master’s is
you might feel like you don’t belong
cause you like blunts not smoking bongs
when a n-gga p-ss you a j, you look at him strange
still woulda hit the sh-t anyway


- open mike eagle كلمات اغنية