1313 (eradicate the false idols) – opera ix كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

corpse god of the death followers
enslave and use me as a holy hammer
to destroy the ancient cults and all the fools that don’t believe in thee
i shall obey on thy commands
frightened and terrorized by my sin
breathe through my imperfect tongue
burn all the ones that will try to deny the holy path
god against life god against all
tu solus dominus, pater!
let us prey in thy name to eradicate satan
he who shines in thy reflected light
let us rеign on earth as thee in heaven and hеll
with tortures and crimes
with great sufferings
gratus tibi sum magna tua gloria
we’ll bring horror in the sign of peace
a dead body nailed to the cross
example and symbol of intollerance to follow
let darkness falls on earth
let our fires and chants resound in this valley of tears
we will bring your reign to those pagans
in hatred and forgiveness, in blood
in blood, blood and redemption
they will desire to die
they will seek for a rapid death in thy name
laudatus sit qui venit in nomine tuo
burn them to clean their aims
burn! with! burn!
because life is not here but after death!

- opera ix كلمات اغنية