bluebird – orpha كلمات اغنية

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i am the broken boy, i spit my grief out
you are my bluebird. where did you fly?
i will protect you. you can take my heart
you can take it and then just throw it away

let me be the sunrise not no one in your eyes
let me feel your warm arms, let me be the part of your life

you can throw stones at me, you can hide your eyes
but i can`t fall asleep, i can`t count the stars
the dreams you shared with me have just fell apart
i have nothing to forget, the darkness carves inside

your voice is the knife that cuts my heart
where did you fly? where did you fly, my dear?
this rain will wash the lies, this rain will wash the scars
it will turn me to mud and you will walk on it

- orpha كلمات اغنية