3am thoughts – othentic كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

its 3am and i can’t help but ponder
heart racing often while ma mind is quite
mind racing often while ma heart is quite
a lil bit of love might just go the diatance
lil bit of love might jus make a difference
lil bit of pain might jus change your image
and lil bit of you might be so fulfilling
f*ck it im done pretending
i need ma co dependent
i need the pillar of ma world
just to quite the acting
and hit the phone and ask me
weather i like it nasty
why u trippin
whip ur face boo
and don’t you d*mn droll
acting like a d*mn fool
i get it
you and your tatoos
you tryna steal ma moves
tryna act cool
cause i protect your smile girl im like your d*mn dentist
and you protect ma mind
girl you like a d*mn helmet
for the brain
cupid is insane
swear that dude is lame
got me caught up in ma ways
got me smilling like im strange

- othentic كلمات اغنية