1,000 degrees – otitis x rize كلمات اغنية

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mind over chatter
climb rope or ladder
how my kind drop the data
turn your body into anti*matter, huh

you won’t be around next year
ain’t no time for regularity, we boundless here
my sound s*tier, voice rumble, ground get clear
bet i scaled all terrain minus mountain gear, i said

ot, one thousand degrees
recreatin’ me, you need some god*body recipes
rest in peace to the people that i cut off
i wished ’em all the best, and nonetheless, i let the gun off

proverbially speakin’, they run like a bomb threat
song vet, my con*tent’s an on*set
me and the bars been bon*ded the lon*gest
catch a charge if con*gress get on this

bad mc, fight ennui
behind bars, calm, yet free, like i’m gandhi
life’s scars, honestly: just been cravin’ to overstand
speak soft if you claimin’ you know the man
one thousand degrees

- otitis x rize كلمات اغنية