get paid – outlawz كلمات اغنية

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[napolean] (talking)
yeah, from the bottom
for the depths, for the bottom
we come from there, but we still here
we still breath, so long as we got air in these lungs -exhale-
we gonna get something, no matter how, no matter what

[young n-ble – verse 1]
yo, my whole block family, we all argue and fight
but if you not family, keep talkin alright?
will you get them nikes? oh you like them yeah?
they look good on me, you wanna cop a pair
though it takes some time, we still love everybody
them like my thug sisters, so i’m f-ckin every mommy
everybody know my face, everybody know my name
as i walk through i heard em sayin ‘n-ble do his thing’
i’m flowin through this game like i’m slidin on ice
brought these n-gg-z insane like i’m slidin in dice
applyin the wife, but ain’t n-body dyin tonight
we fryin the rice, dinner on the steps tonight
i bet your life i just might stretch your wife
stretch your dime, stretch your doe, and stretch your time
it might sound short, then i’ll stretch the rhyme
nothin but another day, know i ain’t gonna lie

[chorus – tq]
i still remember when a n-gg- didn’t have a thang
curb surfin on the corner each and every day (every day)
for all the people cause i never find a better way
ain’t gonna stop me from hittin when i see some paper (i’m gettin it n-gg-)
somebody tell me what’s the price for a better day
but it don’t matter, i’m gonna get mine anyway
but in the scene it’s like i still hear my feet the same
can we get paid? just want to get paid

[edi mean – verse 2]
man i wasn’t born with it
but i’m gonna get it
let it be known i’m on a mission
>from boss livin, no bullsh-ttin’
and i don’t sit around in this who don’t want nothin
and i don’t kick it with these b-tches who always want somethin
i’m my own man, own plan, been that way
lost my father, sh-t got harder man, and since that day
i never ever really trust the world again
age ten, feel frustration
no patience when it all forego
f-ck takin it slow
i’d rather take it and blow
i still roll daily
only stoppin for my babies
i’m a hard=luck n-gg-
keep your guard up n-gg-
large cut getta
i gotta have my piece
i’ll chop it up with ya man
but i gotta have my piece
you cannot be mad at me
i’m game tight on all sides
obstacles cannot damage my pride
i manage to ride, but be it wasn’t easy
young struggla, livin for the love of us


[kastro – verse 3]
i’m bluntin, so i’m strapped, and i’m starred and cautious
ain’t nothin but a day at the office
i stand alone so i cut my losses
and sometimes i drink until i feel nauseous (ha)
it’s not easy, believe me, it’s no fun
still i chase my paper, till i can’t run
and i was still just a kid till i had one
if not for bad luck, i probably wouldn’t have nothin
it’s two g’s and i just can’t quit yet
through all they mind so i just can’t sit back
i stand strong so you know i don’t get checked
the born outlaw so you know i ain’t wit’ that
my younger days in the day tryin to figure out
a million ways to get paid in a bigger amount
i ain’t a mystery, it’s elementary
cash rules, and that’s the way it was meant to be

[napolean – verse 4]
eat now, i’m kinda low in the pockets
house lookin like sh-t, volts is climbin out the sockets
but that’s how it is in twenty-three a.m.
brick city, n-j
besides cali, it’s the home of the a-k
i’m paid to roll, was raised too low
but at least in my heart, i’ve always felt alone
i stayed strong through all the times i supposed to
i pray to god daily, you barely when you supposed to
close to the money cause it’s close to my heart
in my life, death ain’t nothin but a walk in the park
hard times gettin sweeter now
i guess allah must have blessed us cause we eatin now
come on

[young n-ble – verse 5]
(tq = can i get paid x 3)
reminiscin of the days we was broke man (broke man)
we still missin tryin to get it, it’s a sure thang (sure thang)
the forecast for today said it’s gonna rain (gonna rain)
heat showers on the block, still we gonna hang (gonna hang)
live yours, and you know i’m tryin to live mine (live mine)
get yours, cause i ain’t tryin to give mine (give mine)
everybody comin out at the same time (same time)
nothin but another day, know i can’t lie
reminiscin of the days we was broke man (broke man)
heat showers on the block, still we gonna hang (still we gonna hang)

- outlawz كلمات اغنية