10mg freestyle – ꜱummrꜱ كلمات اغنية

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this sh*t federal my n*gga alex

yeah, go out to eat with bronem
whole lotta’ sticks on fonem
gang gon’ pack out the whole gym
ride around with two pounds on us
ride around with two g’s on you
spray that f*ck n*gga the flees on him
we done already put some cheese on him
turn that boy to a mouse trap
.45 make him run two laps
whole section on me that’s too cap
shut up fore’ we make them tools clap
woah, say you got bands n*gga that’s rap cap
last n*gga talking his ass got kidnapped
them n*ggas rapping them little ass kid raps
popped a 10 mg by myself had to relapse
its okay son just relax
tell me where them keys at yеah
hit a jug on his cadillac
off a perc almost had a heart attack
off the lеan almost had a cardiac
b*tch asked me whats my zodiac
told that little b*tch i’m a maniac
little n*gga riding a pontiac
i just a popped a roxicodone
i’m on my way lil’ b*tch hold on
get some pushing in that glow zone
chain on me too frozone
i just hit a jug n*gga go long
hop on a jet tell her “so long”
you ain’t get no money in so long
no feats n*gga i’m solo
make the .45 blow like a cholo
she say “rino papichulo”
“could you buy me valentino?”
walked in with h*lla c notes
she said her boyfriend a creepo
i get fresher than a d*mn tuxedo
glocks on me and they lethal
money get the best of my ego

- ꜱummrꜱ كلمات اغنية