we ball (remix) – p. rico كلمات اغنية

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you know how i’m rocking, man
lotta fan activity going on, you know?

r.i.p. lil jojo, that’s my young n-gg- (lil jojo)
we used to shoot n-gg-s juts for fun, n-gg-
nuski, how you die with your gun with ya? (how?)
you saw me, every time, i had my gun with me
the n-gg-s that’s behind me, go to war with me
lil yoyo nail his -ss, he gon’ score with me
i can’t go out like caine and his cousin, harold
all these sh-lls got your name out this four-nickel barrel
draco speak bowlingo when it go berserk
n-gg-s talk that sh-t, but never put in work
in the morning, no breakfast, but we drinkin’ syrup
where i’m from, n-gg-s dying to get put on a shirt
he hit the ground, somebody pick him back up
he tried to run, we had to tear his back up
we was off the scene before twelve could back up
d-mn, my gun empty, gotta fill it back up
like alonzo, the n-gg- got fired up
(let’s get it!)
we ball
by the way, throw your y’s up
free the guys, throw the i’s up
(gang, squad, squad!)

you know how i’m coming, man
i’m smoking on opps right now, man
i’m smoking cheno, smoking nuski, smoking l’a
you know the rest, man
gang sh-t, man!

- p rico كلمات اغنية