it’s time – patti labelle كلمات اغنية

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yo we trying to make the cash y’all without a doubt
representing both coasts what you roaming about?

verse 1:

yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo
f-ck this who wanna bring the ruckus
yo i know they know they ain’t f-cking wit’ no f-cking suckers
you’s a live -ss snitch,
well shame on the name we might bust your sh-t
and throw mad game n-gg- and push your whip
and shake them thangs and hit four, five six
below you ain’t know get at me
sean donn, hemp dogg and moe
it’s a bomb type weed now i’ma count my dough
the cops’ll watch your do’
so let them n-gg-s and now they ain’t know it befo’
and if them n-gg-s not swipe
we’ll grab the 4-4, mag-num
cause i hate it when n-gg-s act dumb
d-mn, why they make me wanna pull out a gun?
first name’s camille, camille’s name be on
when you creepin’ on the real with my word is bond
see catch me out in the night pouring style and form
and that venomous sh-t is what my b-tches be on
b-tches, b-tches be on
my b-tches, b-tches be on

verse 2:

yo, yo, yo
i’ma give you something in rhythm feel
ya’ll need be loco,
dig a hole in you bolo
look out for dolo
especially if you acting brolo down for dolo
on the creek and point anything sleep
ya’ll can see it when we roll we coming mobb deep
we be coming, on the regular we be coming
baby what? tearing sh-t up with your worry
making me deam stacking up that man for cream
torch the green have you all open like beam
hear me y’all so ‘n when you gimme yo just gimme
that microphone i been the baddest run down your digits
shorty gettin’ played like a midget
aiyyo, i’m in it you wid it for me and my b-tches
need ’em to throw your pitches
having you leaving your misses
what i got to do is this,
hand me your business, step off my premises,
or things are gonna get serious and devious, we brave,
and we can drive you all insane like johnny blaze
yeah we always bring the pain and misdemeanour
know we can’t stand the rain
let’s bring the pesos stack ’em up by the case load
cause we can reload, c-ck back and explode
c-ck back and explode
c-ck back and explode
c-ck back and explode


aiyyo, we trying to make the cash y’all wid out a doubt
representing both coasts what you roaming about?

verse 3:

i’m in the south y’all going all ’bout cha’ll
the name is the python you know what i’m about ya’ll
yo, yo, yo,
i pop bras like bruno
i take your money from shooting rap to uno
used to rock to minudo one of them was kinda cute though
i had a crush like a dat
now i try to master phones like that
carolina be my home town
still living with my parents even though i’m grown now
time to roam now
i don’t think that y’all can handle us
made our mark in the east now we hitting los angeles
you can’t del-st a man wid l-st
when i been up on the mic you can never get enough
make you palms wet and i ain’t even gettin’ calm yet
clear the premises time to make another bomb threat


verse 4: kurupt

i’m from the west ya’ll
bringing n-gg-s stress ya’ll
forget the strapping now you settle wit the best ya’ll
yo, yo, yo, yo, yo,
this is one time that i ain’t playing wit n-gg-s
the homey stomped it and i’m spraying with n-gg-s
i got the cash to have keys to blast
you a sucker n-gg-,
sucker punk motherf-cker n-gg-
i don’t give a f-ck motherf-cker n-gg-
trying to strip me a my vans that’s all i gather man
mr. matter of fact, calicos and dates
what you want to get your sh-t lit to blaze
like johnny you can play like ricky davoni
but you ain’t a player n-gg-
ain’t got the heart to lay a n-gg-
automatic spray a n-gg-,
soon as i came went like calm in the grand
bustin dumb dumbs leaving n-gg-s numb
i don’t give a f-ck where the f-ck you’re from
if it ain’t about loot then i’ma shoot and run
what you supposed to be, raw?
raw is as raw does it ain’t raw dog
bust a five star dog, i want all ya’ll
i know the n-gg-s know where the weed be
it’s the live sh-t need to be
f-cking round in my decent (n-gg-)
hitting motherf-ckers like a vic (n-gg-)
saturate like a sieve (n-gg-)
take a toke and get blown
ya’ll step up and watch your homey explode ‘n unload
‘xplode and unload
‘xplode and unload
‘xpload and unload


verse 5:

we from the east y’all bringin on the piece ya’ll
dirty kid wanna hit that wid a leash ya’ll
i be the mic wrecker,
spinner one coming through wid the double decker
double pound in your crew uhhh,
forced to recognise make arrive
don’t have to par and block you
we just break you down to normal size
you couldn’t shine if you had the sun in your back
you wack, i burn you down like i corner that
doggy, qb style you know my st–ze
i’m on the kill now with my queen killa bees
viper, break more backs than paul backland in kahkland
n-gg- deny drama could happen
first test my skills
i came to rap sh-t for real
venom squad be the only squad that be ill
first of all i ride your back like a jack-ss
jack still loose on the chaka with the l
coming from the east representing both sides
kurupt, the venoms, that’s how we keep it tight

yo, we trying to make the cash y’all without a doubt
representing both coasts what you roaming about?

yo i’m from the west ya’ll
busting ’cause a stress ya’ll
f-ck the best ya’ll
motherf-ck the rest-a y’all n-gg-s

chorus (3x)

gangsta style…
uhh, uhh
protect ya neck
poison plants

- patti labelle كلمات اغنية