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do i not deserve to smile?
i’ve been in h*ll
for a while
i took these pills why do i ache?
seems like this pain
goes on for miles
why is the price to live so high?
all i do is cry
every single night
trust me i did my best to try
i’m not cut out
for an empty life

let me sleep
i’m sorry
i’m weak
i bleed
week by week
i need

please try to smile for me
you’re not weak
hear me speak
i know you feel you have no luck
please don’t give up
your heart is tough
no lonely echoes in this room
i’m here for you
we will push through
please understand you are enough
and you are loved
fly like a dove
don’t sleep
i’m on
my knees
with me
take my hand
and you’ll see

there is no love for me
only in my dreams
this life, no this suffering
it’s just not meant for me
i need to sleep

- paul dew كلمات اغنية