u3 (it’s a monster!!) – phoenix voice كلمات اغنية

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it’s a monster…

[verse 1]
think what you want, but you don’t know where you’ve been
try to walk to your cell but it’s locked again
you tried to walk, but the walk, put your image in mind
to let you walk like a dog through your pitiful life
when you were born, took up the phone
you’re torn, alone
your father taught fear, and your mother taught you to hope
they got you walking the rope, they got you beating your friends
cause it burns – stop, twitch, recoil, you got to learn, got to learn!

k!lling all minds to pacify power
making you think you’re weak and don’t matter
making you think you’ll drown in hot water
it’s a monster

making you think to fight your own mindstate
taking your angels out to the slaughter
running as fast as you can, but they got her
it’s a monster!

take your crazy star away

[verse 2]
push! you gotta get them away
because they love you so hard that they crush your spirit
and as the demon walks in by the backdoor and you attack more
they call you sick to give it a kick – like “what’s that for?!”
they thought a g*nius would act the same as a sheep-shit?
you wanna do it different? oh, you must be a beatnik!
you got the sk!ll to tell the system to get bent
but somehow you’re a loser cause your girlfriend isn’t accidentally pregnant


don’t show emotion
they’ll mock you if you’re high
don’t let ’em see you
they might talk you into their lie
don’t take no chances
k!ll every single one
with them will sink your sadness
and you can fly away to the sun

it’s a monster…

[verse 3]
think what you want, but you’ll never love now
you’re too used to hate to remember how
you’ve been betrayed, all may, thinking the wrong way
the bomb may drop the wrong bodies into the bay
even if you won and you got command
there’s not a woman on this earth who would want your hand!
you gotta run, as fast as you can
but there ain’t no escaping your master’s plan


you’re gone buddy

- phoenix voice كلمات اغنية