1738 freestyle – pi’erre bourne كلمات اغنية

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i said my wrist staying frozen
and i got everything working
’cause that n*gga so focused
i work harder than my peers
that’s cool, ’cause i’m here
youngins h*lla charged
like i skipped a couple years
yeah my momma says she proud of me
and i know she care(s)
yea she wishing we can visit granny, but she’s upstairs
yeah i’m rolling up this doja, till that n*gga up there
i was born a king that’s why i’m in the air
they don’t understand man, they can’t walk in my pair
made a band in a day, trapping re*carrers
god saved us from the robbery, always there
i ain’t tripping if it’s my time * i ain’t scared

- pierre bourne كلمات اغنية