19 – pierre joshua كلمات اغنية

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at this point i’m tired of doing nothing
i need to get over this sleeping routine
someday i won’t fear what i fear today

it’s easy when you have someone
i can tell him anything but he never listens
you might think he’s selfish but i don’t mind
we live in a fantasy far away from this world and n0body knows about that
i think i’ve been addicted to dreaming
to sleep my rusty life away
please keep silence, silence, silence when i’m home

the color’s showing all my pain
the tone is talking ’bout my sorrow
am i crazy? oh my god
i need to find someone soon

at this age i’m sad to be left alone
i wish i had someone to talk on the phone
there was someone who said “i’ll stick with you till the end”

can you ease all my pain?
help me with my sorrow
should i learn for a lifetime to be that fine art for once more

no one lives forever
no one lives forever
death won’t wait for anyone
so, why should i care?

but this color’s showing all my pain
they’re talking ’bout my sorrow
would you stay by side until i can live on my own
should i learn for a lifetime until i can live on my own

- pierre joshua كلمات اغنية