33 – plymouth da pheonix كلمات اغنية

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i woke up early on my born day
i ain’t did enough these days
33 at midnight
same age they say jesus died
same age as a coward took nipsey life
as i reflect in this mirror
i need a few m’s
a benz
on the road to black empowerment
i’m just trying to push the pendulum
and change the scope of the youths lenz
what they said
u couldn’t be what
u ain’t smart enough?
that shyt dead
young n*gga
you a diamond in the ruff
we come from the pressures of the bottom
that’s why we shining
we are diamonds
from the blood of kings
and we ain’t siding
whit none y’all
poa infiltrouting
yea we run y’all
run streets
like 5k’s
i ain’t stopping till my walk thrus 300k
i just need a barstool
and open page
a mic stand
and it’s open lane
i’m ill like ebola
u sick to ur stomachs thinking plymouth was over
33 pistols
33 slabs
pulling across 33rd street
whit 33 bags
full whit 3rd degree hash
33 models
whit double the ass
popping 33 bottles
for the homies that passed
and ain’t make it to see 32 past
ghost of the present
but forever remain in a real n*ggas dab
this drinks for u
the old heads responsible for us making it thru
instead of an rip shirt
this hood shyt a guaranteed trip to the dirt
as i transition my greatness
put my name further into the pages
plymouth da don
the pheonix don’t do anxious
i only count paper
over the city
i can’t listen to a critic who can’t count whit me
or who bread higher
u bums got the most to say
but couldn’t pop if u started a grease fire
and atleast i uh
play liar
let u dog hoes feel wanted
but these nights
i don’t desire
no loving from u one nighters
i’m just trying spit fluids
that create flame lighter

- plymouth da pheonix كلمات اغنية