cassandra b. – posse كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

it’s not a problem, it’s a wolf on your back
we had some vodka saw intelligent rap
it was a bald white guy with a mumu onstage
and you were throwing up
it was a slick horror flick on a chinese set
in a bas-m-nt apartment a block of madison

maybe i should have tried to adapt
and maybe i could be a little more careful
instead of always throwing myself headfirst
into unfortunate cr-p
instead of always puling the same tricks
that never really worked the first time and don’t work now

i even lied some, i have to admit
because i tried to convince you i was the type
that reads willa cather and sh-t like that
but the binding wasn’t cracked
you know i only bought that book for some stupid
cl-ss i had to take, anyway

- posse كلمات اغنية