14th street – premo rice كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
i just met the b*tch (the b*tch) down on 14th street
i asked where she headed, and she said rock creek
i’m like cool (cool), but first, you need to choose on a p (choose on a p)
she hopped in my whip with a couple of gs (alright)
rollin’ up, turnin’ ‘round my grandma way (grandma way)
grab a lil some, then we hittin’ the blade (we hittin’ the blade)
never let a sucker n*gga get in the way (get in the way)
gettin’ a lil suckin’ while i’m hittin’ the j
i’m feelin’ fly as motherf*cker mackin’ around (mackin’ around)
real p rice, top mack of the town (top mack of the town)
five*star hunniеs, ain’t no slackin’ around (ain’t no slackin’ around)
posted on the block, nevеr backin’ me down
feelin’ jiggy on the b*tch in my fresh outfit (my fresh outfit)
big booty hoes bring the checks out quick (checks out)
she chose up on a first round pick (uh huh)
p get the money, keep my sweatpants thick

(b*tch, it ain’t nothin’)
you dig?
i be steppin’ out on the scene and sh*t, you know i’m sayin’?
(it ain’t nothin’)
fresh 95’s on, you know i’m sayin’? air max that is, you know?
(tell a b*tch it ain’t nothin’)
2 in the afternoon, sunny day, tricks came out to play
(b*tch, it ain’t nothin’)
i’m sayin’ pimp*pimp hooray, you know i’m sayin’?
you either church or bust, b*tch, know some
[verse 2]
uh, it’s brand new (yeah), tan on the seats (tan on the seats)
pull up on a ho, what it’s gon’ be? (talk to ‘em)
spot life, money in the streets (money in the streets)
gettin’ to it, lil baby, don’t sleep (don’t sleep)
highline, got the whole stroll lit (yeah)
p the hustler, got two for the fifth (two for the fifth)
top shelf, white b*tch for the low (huh)
[?], welcome to the night show

(b*tch, it ain’t nothin’)
and that’s just how we do it on the g side, you dig?
fly homes, ridin’ chrome, trappin’ on three phones
you know i’m sayin’?
(it ain’t nothin’)
hoes reach when i speak, you know i’m sayin’?
(tell a b*tch it ain’t nothin’)
they choose me? they keep that sh*t discreet
‘cause they know this pimpin’ is lowkey
(b*tch, it ain’t nothin’)
my hoes never get cold feet, ’cause b*tch
this mink is pretty motherf*ckin’ warm, you dig what i’m sayin’?

better ask somebody, b*tch
you either church or you motherf*ckin’ bust

- premo rice كلمات اغنية