3 cheers – pressure (ger) كلمات اغنية

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someone said, that i failed you
i haven’t met god so i’m basically none
absolute zero is my status
but do i say good bye or just evaporate

send me down
to those who have also failed your point of view
who had doubts
age old scriptures and sense will stuck today with us

“will you obey to those
who have failed me and us and all?
so we will paint this land
with our nonsense and self frustrations”

for some reason i can’t get behind your
your reason and sense that we’re all gonna live
that dream of riches and gold
go ahead now don’t stop, keep your idols

don’t you realize you’re f*cked
too f*cked to keep a rational sense
but you’ll just mute the rest
the slightest thought against your point of view

so get your gun up
and point it at me
pull the trigger and k!ll us all
it’s for your greater good
your boss said it so
because you know i will stand here and won’t let you through

now just shoot me
won’t you follow your war

this bullet you shot that has penetrated the head of children and weak
will ricochet to your leader and get him
fall off his throne

“here is your renown
three cheers for those who rule“

- pressure ger كلمات اغنية