remember the name – prime-one كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(1st verse and chorus-sinima)

2nd verse-my verse

check it..

i give you my thoughts,candid as can be
i share my feelings,put my heart where you can see
and you can see it as it beats on my sleeve
i put it on display for those that need to see to believe
i don’t need to deceive,i just need to relieve
whatever’s sitting on my chest to make it easy to breathe
no gimmicks,personas,no image to don
off mic,prime’s the same as he is when he’s on
and what i bring to the table really seems to be rare
a lot of rappers today are too squeamish to dare
be original,not with all the cheese they can make
so the sell-out route is most easy to take
rap’s corporate now,it’s too true to deny
and what the industry sells us sounds stupid and dry
that’s why i turned my radio off,there’s no hip-hop
on it anymore,the new chart-topping sh-t’s got…


- prime one كلمات اغنية