1st thing – psychopathmahdi كلمات اغنية

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[1st verse]:
the first thing you wanna see is the last thing for me
wanna see me bleed, the same seed, the main mc
smokin’ tree, record with weed*like i’m good to lead
and open somethin’ already keyed, in egypt, yeah it’s rap indeed

b*tches nowadays just runnin’ on the beat and cheat
with stolen sheet, you called rap i call it sh*t
i’m gettin’ ahead ya with 10 feet just look for a feat
is all ya need, happy when i treat y’all like i’m just f*ckin’ bleat (yeah)
you wouldn’t see me mad (yeah), but i ain’t same closed eye cat (yeah)
yeah i f*cked rap but i ain’t your f*ckin’ dad, your tracks still wack (uhh)

fan of b*tches nowadays just carе about autotune right?
yeah f*ck the bеat and sh*t the lyrics and curse every punchline
f*ck the flow same for h0m*nym and reduce the rhyme
it’s not about mindin’ your f*ckin’ business it’s crime

i don’t care about skin, i give a f*ck for what you write
it’s a wack gun with bad sight, broke the light
keepin’ quite, you said am the f*ck got a smite
till i came then your career directed by robert f*ckin’ b. weide

i got a lot of sh*t you talk about (talk about me)
with more of sh*t, you said about me (about me)
’cause every word you spit is about (about me)
shame is your name, and it’s not about me
[2nd verse]:
i got a lot of sh*t to spit in your f*ckin’ head
with more sh*t to hit ya b*tch on your head
and every word you spit, every bar you said
shame is your name, lame bars is what you get

i’m motherf*cker original in rap i lose no weight
i’m a f*ckin’ renegade on your tunes like after effect
my rhymes like amazon yeah close to the alphabet (like the alphabet)
i’m unlimited and you just reach your limit
you’re so whak, you better to get it
you got age, but me nah, b*tch i’m f*ckin’ infinite

like a venom when i get ’em to hit’ em i k!lled ’em
like speed or spit it to sperm in’ em
keep hit ’em ’cause i hate ’em, not lookin’ for platinum
i’m motherf*cker phenom, i’m a f*ckin’ venom
i’m a man you close to a woman and i’m not human
it’s my kingdom i swear to god this is my vision

you lost your station, watch me on your television
backin’ like superman so that vision becomes a super*vision
rappin’ is my decision so f*ck all your criticism and your whack derision
i’m looking ahead for me, ’cause i’m on a f*cking mission

f*ck your reprovision, talking like you’re professional
kneel to your knees, you ain’t real g’s, stay freeze
b*tch please, where y’all? you’re absentees, i married it so you are divorcees
when i get my vision, i’ll rest in peace

- psychopathmahdi كلمات اغنية