3nd – ​quip كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

maybe i don’t
understand how
i can’t fix myself
i need help
duh duh

[verse 1]
i been tryna save myself from
unrelinquished anguish but i been failing
i keep trying
nothings gonna keep me back
as long as i’m on top
i got my friends w me
i got my baby
i don’t need nothing else to bring me
happiness i’m
fine like this
i’ll live my life and
i guess it’s alright

wait what is going on
wait the beat is changing
oh sh*t
[verse 2]
f*ck all that complacent sh*t
i want make some music
get some pay and sh*t
but i, how’d i get away with it
everybody in*

[verse 3]
not a lotta options
if i’m lucky this my life
i just gotta get it poppin
b*tch there ain’t no stopping
i take back what i said you’re the
only one i wanted
nanananananana aaaa

- quip كلمات اغنية