333midnightrabbit circ 2019 – raei anderson كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1]
hid a quarter banky in my sock
untimely goals to be quarter way rich before 20
a twisted plot
just turned 19 and half past broke

been a minute since adolescence
would’ve blown and chart ascended like viable beat selections
but eye doubted my every quote
sleep walking on my talent
my conscience was semi woke

till eye became a house slave
cotton mouthing out plantations how we part ways
they said my voice had gave em hope in midst of dark days
touche, all claims
your love is part fake and half a heart don’t ever numb pain
unless we swap chains

[verse 2]
y’all can keep the competition
while eye’m ashing out the bridges
burning sage and smoking swishers
biggest fear was condescending
out the lessons that sh*t taught me
pick pocket for riches
treat the business like monopoly
never lose profit
k!ll your ls softly
an e for effort to tommy riddle and what it cost me
eye been on hiatus, vacated in a comma
punctuating loose figures
grew b*lls n stood tall

antman in a room fulla elephants
god’s echo fill the world whenever eye breathe
flying featherless
took a leap of faith
and made a wingman out my demons
then somersault to h*ll
like what’s a furnace to a phoenix

sell yourself short they sell you dreams
guess my ventilation came with heavy breezes

that’s growing pains
and dire days when eye work to be fortunately famous
rerouted my intuition
we playing simon says
this is not a phase
my ascent was never minute made
eye took the narrow way
up the cul de sac
the path less traveled was barely paved
eye be d*mned if a n*gga slip and toosie slide in my lane
gran daddy named me michael
though really fredo appeared
no jessie james but bobby ford in symbolising fear
my thoughts in the bas*m*nt
the patience lessoned my ear
that if emotions try and front be quick to send em to the rear
my only souvenir
is that eye made it to the attic
heart chakra like the green lantern
channeling balance

- raei anderson كلمات اغنية