fish & chips – raekwon كلمات اغنية

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dare one of ya’ll n-gg-s get out of line, i’m a finalize
ziplock your face, plus do the time
see my n-gg-s, cook square denny’s, we the tea sippers
need liquors, off the hook, yo, we them n-gg-s
[chorus x2: boy big]
we on the block, man, we keep ’em c-cked, man
and what’s going on right here, ya’ll can’t stop, man
you’ll get popped, man, you better believe that, where’s the weed at?
aiyo, caught me by the bodega, i flossy, saucy
in viesel jeans, pockets had the measles, gleen costly
a hundred on the wrist, glist rothstein
glad to meet you, his boo said i eat you, just a portion of me
leather plush, burberry sweater with the furry gloves
with the trims on, the grin on
looking mad hungry, but my beard chunky
what’s happening, you black? no question, what you offering me?
seventeen five a banana, grab a chair
rapping like we at the copacabana, n-gg-s scared
the shorty working the arms, the sister’s like two big magic wands
she shook her -ss in the magic thongs
she recognizing i’m no average don
she seeing me posing, extra live with my karats on
stop, tilt the gl-ss on ’em
half past a mill, was worth like a half a mill in cash, on
[chorus x2]

- raekwon كلمات اغنية