the secret cafe in paris – rahim the moonlight كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

(french conversation)

verse 1:
i’m tired of walking around so insecure
it’s nonstop since you walked out the door
i’ve never experienced this sadness before
it comes from a person that makes my heart too sore
which is ironic cause you’re the only person i adore
yeah (but wait there’s more)
look, i know we agreed to keep me tucked away
but more people are catching on everyday
you make my heart shine like a lamination
but i can’t help but to think about our information
what we’re in the next round of hacks
what our homies don’t wanna have our backs
man hold up wait i need to relax

verse 2:
we’re dying in the streets and everyone is silent
but don’t worry bout it
cause tesla man they got that autopilot
that’s supposed to be the narrative right?
to distract from the white hoods at night
i’m writing this in the moonlight
hoping that when i wake up everything will be alright
i’m sorry i just don’t understand
why she gotta be up there while i’m in the stands
i ain’t got nothin’ on me, but my lonely pair of hands
i’m the only person you love
but you got me in the stands with the fans?
are they really that scared of you being with someone that’s trans
at the end of the day you’re my twin flame no matter the plans
i should’ve went with you when you asked me
but universe said it’s not meant to be
but all day everyday it’s still you and me so let’s flee
even if the world ends you’re still the 30 to my 3
i can’t promise much, nah i can’t promise much
but that’s my guarantee

- rahim the moonlight كلمات اغنية