324 breadwinners – ramy khodeir كلمات اغنية

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riding around, we touring (go)
get the bag, we get more in (go breadwinners!)
spend days, vacays all over (yeah)
feeding ‘em breadwinners (got ‘em all)
flexing, boy finessing too hard (yeah)
full tank, my way and i’m speeding (woah)
life’s too dreamy (hey, hiya)
at the bank, they see me
laughing ‘cause they try to be me (hey, hiya)
come on now, stop the talking (yeah)
huh (huh)
you mad ‘cause my drip’s pouring walking
hey (i’m the one up for the show)
ay, young and rich with the flow (yeah, yeah)
i’m staying, i’m staying away on vacay, see (yeah, yeah)
underway in the game getting paid (yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
324, these bankers need to get out of my way (hold on)
what’s with all these numbers, stop ‘em
got ‘em birdie, birdie, birdies, my protection
said i see ‘em birdie, birdie, birdies fly in formation sections (huh)
what’s the game, what’s the game, huh (three)
you know, i’m here winning
control, it’s just beginning (three)
flex, finesse, the motto, keep living
no cap, like we won the lotto
keep giving, finessing the traffic
no magick
they clapping, oh, what happened?
just mapping

- ramy khodeir كلمات اغنية