313 – rapbit كلمات اغنية

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what’s up sunny?
how you doing my boy
is everything alright?
i see you they don’t reply
i see them ignoring you for a rhyme
it’s okay, you don’t need to hide
karma is a b*tch and everyone will ride

i know, deep down there you been a joke
let them laugh
at least you have been a reason for their happiness
so that’s not bad

i know they making fun of you
when you pass by
the other side i heard
they hurt you, is that true?
n0body wants to f*ck with the real you
it’s okay! sh*t doesn’t matter i’m inside you

i can read your mind
these voices in your head pulling you back
making you feel weak disturb and ill

it’s haunt you
along with your thoughts
they taunt you
when you go to sleep after 5
you wishing all nights
for death to come soon
just to see your loved ones
around you
before the last moment wish it could be true
and even if it is
that day would be your funeral dude
but being very sad between you and them
things can’t stand again
once it’s broken, all you got pain
stress, regrets, drama, mess
for some useless wack sh*t
you left your inner soul and you thought
it would be nice? before i crack it
look at me i’m talking to you
i told you i have plans for you
it’s 2:30 where the f*ck is everybody?
i don’t see any of them
well it’s just me it’s rapbit
i’m just pretending, i’m spending
my time with you

i understood many things
and i got to realize
you doing good things for everyone
but wait a minute, i see your ass getting kicked
i told you don’t trust anyone
but you acting like a good kid

( clap for him )

i know it’s funny but sh*t played with you
but let me advise one thing sunny
a decent soul like you doesn’t exist here
but i’m grateful to greet you
and don’t worry about it
rapbit got your back
you ain’t sensitive anymore
you’re strong, i’m here to handle
even though you weren’t wrong
no more emotion, no more fake promises
no more false hope for those who got no soul
no more breakdown, no more heartbreaks

see n0body loves but i love you
you ain’t alone i’m there with you
i care for you, i respect you
must trust, believe me
i ain’t joking, i ain’t kidding
look at me through the mirror
that’s you that’s new you
now warn them
you don’t f*ck with old you
and old you don’t give a f*ck
about who are you!

you got me?
that’s you, that’s new you
now warn them
you don’t f*ck with old you
and old you don’t give a f*ck
about who are you!

- rapbit كلمات اغنية