101 – rasheed chappell كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
black supremacist crack the guinness spark the lye
salute me when i enter my n*gga hold ‘em up high
survived cold wars and fiends with no t**th
heroine and diabetes n*ggas with no feet
no sleep till the a.m. n*gga we go hard
money murder or mayhem, n*ggas going at god
don’t ever question you know what i’m about
knocking n*ggas off
knocking n*ggas out
and f*ck around i’ll bleed y’all n*ggas
ivan drago, apollo creed y’all n*ggas
and i’m a rep mach till they free my n*gga
and the heir to the crown that’s me my n*gga
now say grace and break bread and let’s eat
i’m so evolved i marley marl on break beats
no juice crew, no biz mark kane
valor suits rocking bismark chains
and i can hear the pain in the veins of my n*ggas
so i’m a curse the world that made me a n*gga
i’m no messiah been inspired by the drug dealer
i know the science my alliance to the underworld
my slang alien and floating on another world
it’s outta orbit flash gordon when they press record
i go from knowledge to build ‘fore i make it to born
and for these dollars we k!ll, n*gga that’s on the norm
clouds form storms coming, i predict a drought
go ahead and breathe it in and let me blow this out
[verse 2]
he nocturnal, eyes bleeding from the sess a mill
tired of these nickels and dimes he tryna touch a mil
now the plot thickens and he spot victims
soon as n*ggas come out the spot he “ha stick’em”
with no mask, no common sense
just a fool n*gga ignoring the consequence
’cause he got a seed and a baby moms
at his moms crib and it won’t be long
before the words out and then the word spreads
every single dollar he took is on his head
he want to live it up, eat smoke drink it up
even in his wildest dreams he couldn’t think this up
you know when karma come and them lamas come
anybody caught in its path they won’t pardon ‘em
and two shots rocked the doors off the hinges
baby in the bassinet, mom’s in the kitchen
sh*lls penetrate exit out and they ricochet
holes in everybody left blood on the dinner plates
now we light a candle
sad example of what a fake n*gga can’t and a real n*gga can do
and that’s real…101

- rasheed chappell كلمات اغنية