3am gilbert grape freestyle – ‎ratrace كلمات اغنية

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stix and stones may break my bones but words will always hurt me more
i got 5 whole cellphones yeah
one for each personality
i feel like alice in wonderland cus all my friends are f*ckin fake
never even meant to turn out like this
oh well, i dont care i’ll just stack my money up
my b*tch r*t*rded like she from the f*cking stix
tmz won’t leave my alone
you’re ruining my reputation
i feel like
i feel like gilbert grape
im dead inside
i feel like
i feel like ?
mirror mirror mirror on the wall
who is the most skinny of them all
i got a giant bag full of pills
im the ? my name is dean
can i get a new machine gun pls
im gonna go and shoot up the mall
god told me he hates your fit
you’re just a little autistic g*y b*tch

- ratrace كلمات اغنية