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ma (she’s making eyes at me) – ray charles lyrics

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ma, she’s making eyes at me
ma, she looks so good to me
ma, she’s almost breaking my heart
i’m beside her, please let her conscience guide her

ma, she wants to marry me
be my honey bee
every minute she gets bolder
now she’s leaning on my shoulder
ma, the girl’s kissing me

ma, she don’t look good to me
ma, her waist is 53
ma, she’s almost ruined my car
when we go out the tires all begin to blow out

ma, she wants to marry me
you know that could never be
suppose a baby should come later
it’s got to look like an alligator
ma, won’t don’t you rescue me, hey

ma, i found out she’s got dough
ma, the girl owns the b&o
she just bought eight city blocks
in new york city
you know, all at once the girl looks pretty

ma, if i would say “i do”
she would promise to
make my future very pleasant
fort knox would be my wedding present
ma, she looks good to me

buy me the seven seas to swim in
replace the fish with gorgeous women
ma, she looks good to me
ma, she looks good to me

- ray charles كلمات اغنية