1k freestyle – ​raze (77) كلمات اغنية

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i got 1k in this b*tch, ugh
i got 1k in this b*tch, aye
i got 1k in this b*tch, ugh
i got 1k in this b*tch, aye

[verse 1]
i got 1k, b*tch, i feel like in 2k
ballin’ so hard, b*tch, in need of a kool*aid
patiently waiting while b*tches are too late
body gon’ drop in the mof*ckin’ blue lake
i got two glocks and i’m takin’ his dignity
i need no label, i sh*t on this industry
sh*t on this game ’cause they got no efficiency
say that you up but that sh*t isn’t visibly
77, the move and collective
my music spreadin’ that sh*t is infective
ur b*tch is a rat like a f*ckin’ detective
i got a strap, ye, that sh*t effective
s/o to access, your friends get denied
b*tch i’m the plug and my dope get supplied
red dot attached, you gеt shot, b*tch, on sight
this scene full of b*tches i f*ckin’ dеspite
shoutout to ele, spit crack on the 808
shoutout to necro, they all tryna replicate
lx a butcher, he ready to amputate
kashi and tr3 gettin’ ready to terminate
two shots in his leg, he still walk, that’s a miracle
say he got bars but that sh*t is not lyrical
i catch him lackin’, he thinks i’m invisible
damage is critical
[verse 2]
your sound is so old, you should think ’bout a update
copy my sh*t and my flows and i upgrade
flippin’ a brick h*lla fast, i’m in upstate
b*tch he get shot in the lot, aye, wassup mate?
crankin’ that soulja boy like i’m a dancer
talkin’ so tuff and you act like a gangster
destroy your body like i’m f*ckin’ cancer
f*ck on your b*tch, i got no time to answer
everything new b*tch, aye, my mix is hitting
thats two years ballin’ never thought bout quittin’
do it h*lla f*ckin’ fast ’cause i know i’m winnin’
ye, i manage myself, independent, i’m chillin’
one day, i can say to my mom i did it
spendin’ every digit in this sh*t, no limit
i’m a german ass kid with a mof*ckin’ spirit
go hard every minute, got no time to visit

- raze 77 كلمات اغنية