the undaunted female – reesha dyer كلمات اغنية

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it’s of a pretty fair maid in london did dwell
for wit and for beauty there was none could her excel
to her master and her mistress she served seven years
and what followed after you quickly shall hear

she put her box upon her head and ganged along
the first that she met was a surly looking man
he said my pretty fair made why are you going this way
i will show you a nearer way across the country

he took her by the hand and he led her to a lane
and said my pretty fair made i mean to tell you plain
deliver up your money without fear of strife
or else this very moment i shall take away your life

the tears from her eyes like a fountain did flow
oh where shall i wander or whither shall i go
and while this young fellow was feeling for his knife
this beautiful damsel she took away his life

she put her box upon her head and ganged along
the next that she met was a n0ble-looking man
he said my pretty fair maid why are you going so late
and what was the noise that i heard at yonder gate

the box upon your head to yourself it don’t belong
to your master or your mistress you’ve done something wrong
to my master or my mistress i’ve done nothing ill
but i feel in my heart it’s a man i have k!lled

she took him by the hand and she led him to the place
where that surly-looking fellow lay bleeding on his face
he had a loaded pistol some powder and some shots
a knife and a whistle a robbery to call

she put the whistle to her mouth and blew it loud and shrill
and four tall young fellows came tramping down the hill
and the gentleman shot one of them whose name was peter lee
and the beautiful young damsel she shot the other three

- reesha dyer كلمات اغنية