bow! ft. pat that – revinaw كلمات اغنية

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[ intro ]
alright so listen up i was f-cking trippin f-cking triple c’s at a concert the other night waiting for my f-cking friends to get there

and i spy 2 f-cking sl-ts start walking up to me sl-ttiest 18 year olds i’ve ever f-cking seen

so they f-cking walk up to me right, and they’re like hey baby let me get you some coffee and i said “ f-ck that. “ my friends are over there and i f-cking ran and my friends weren’t f-cking there.. talk sh-t

[verse 1]

i pop bottles, i f-ck some models
hit me up on twitter
and you can follow
if you talk sh-t
hit em with the chopper
and if you got a chopper
i’ll come back with 2 choppers

we ballin like some ballers
my money got taller
i turn to the chopper
i drive by and run up on them in the street
ever since i was a youngin i was raised by the street
never had a mum or dad
my sh-t costs like 2 ???
i was 8. i sell crack
put the city on my back

if my boys don’t know you, i don’t know you
that’s the way i roll

smack em like that, in the middle of the skull



[verse 2]

cause we will rock you, til you mother f-ckers stoned
and your girls a chiropractor now because she got boned
you can catch me leaning
you can catch me scheming
i got these b-tches over and i fill them with my s-m-n
you performing on stage and i’m like ‘yeet!’ – tomato
come over to and see, we got some sweet potatoes

i got 2 lambos
plus 2 lambos
so i got 4 lambos

i say bow when i skeet
i say bow in the street
i say bow when i get paid every single week
i say bow down b-tch, you a mother f-cking cow

when you hear bow you know i am the shooter
pop you right then like the weight on my scooter (bow bow)


[verse 3 pat that]

pat that
i f-cked her so hard i call her sorbet
she wanna keep going so i call that foreplay
she unwrap my sugar sack
it’s a nerd’s rope
i put it in her mouth – i call that deep throat
i’m the candy maaaan
swallowing my c-m
sour, sweet, gun, son
my sour d-cks in her mouth
and my boys up in her cl-t (what the f-ck)

bow bow

- revinaw كلمات اغنية