for the love of dorothy – revival ashore كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

note to all who have or will place foot in dorothy’s
a baker’s money was traded for chalk that then was nailed to the walls

we threw down the floor to save your toes
take a patterned green and timber seat
bear your teeth with a grin
and lets make some memories!

tattoos forever ‘oh yeah, oh no! ‘

and dropping anchors on our toes!
thighs become portfolios of your art
countless summers spent in the blue tiled lake next door
the sun will release it’s wrath on our back!

we will throw fists, split lips and crash through walls
all because we’re writing history at dorothy’s
great fun writing history!

dip your brush in ink as we remind ourselves on these walls

the sun tries to sleep
but we will be so loud
an abundance of gabber and flashing lights
will circulate the heat

- revival ashore كلمات اغنية