successful failure. – ricki g كلمات اغنية

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daddy what you doing
why you always writing
here you go again
thats all you f-ckin do is you work all day
and then you come home and sit at this f-ckin table all night writing raps
for what
like its not getting you anywhere
we got disconnection notice
after disconnection notice
rent due
like why dont you get a real f-ckin job
f-ck this sh-t ricki
f-ck this sh-t
talkin bout you writing raps
n-gga you need to be writing yo name on a f-cking job application
get a real f-ckin job
working all these f-ckin hours and they ain’t paying you nothing
like nothing
what you got to show for it

verse – ricki g
i ain’t really got no plan b option this sh-t the last resort
tired of suffering i can’t take it no more
say its beauty in the struggle the art of survival
im just riding and blowing i got tired of the bottle
at a war with depression
pray for connections gettin closer to god
if i fail i can tell you i tired
rather risk it no hold ups
but i don’t give no f-cks
gotta take it slow sit back i can’t rush
people hating on me that i neva met
and i got b-tches in my business that i neva hit
cops shoot a n-gga down then neva get charged
born black out the wound like permanent scars
five stars on the run feeling innocent
hav u eva had to p-wn sh-t to pay the rent
i gotta family to feed can neva let em down
penny pinching we just grinding for larger amounts
bad actions
got me feeling heartless
people seek opportunity use my heart-less
i been bleeding inside
im internally damaged
gettin hard for me focus its harder to manage
long days don’t see the rewards
and i been going for broke
i put my last on the line til i don’t see it no more
people doubt you on the daily have you questioning sh-t
marathon not a race rest in to peace to nip
i gotta different type of vision now
it was blurry but the picture gettin clearer now
i forgave and release
i adapt and improved
man im better than ever just providing the truth
look what i became
but never changed for no material sh-t
i tried a couple pairs on but the shoe never fit
walk around in circles
just a n-gga with dreams
and i know drugs crates profit i wanna be clean
legit living
picture vivd
its a lot different colors
completed puzzle
no pieces missing
whoever thought that i can make it this far
crabs tried to pull me down made it harder to start
daddy taking off like mj at the line
in 88 no slam dunk i’m taking off with the rhymes
im taking off like mj at the line
in 88 no slam dunk im taking off with the rhymes

outro – daughter talking
i love you daddy
i love you moe soooo much
your the best

- ricki g كلمات اغنية