12 days of rittzmas – rittz كلمات اغنية

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on the first day of rittzmas my true love gave to me
a pair of jordan eights to match my freeworld skinny jeans
on the second day of christmas got a mont blanc legend gift set
now i could rub the lotion on my nuts and it prevents sweat
christmas on the third day got a dizzy hippy herb tray
the fourth day was delicious, she whipped up a dessert cake
the fifth day of christmas my true love gave to me, cnt pinky rings
homemade dessert, dizzy herb tray, mont blanc legend
freeworld skinny jeans and a pair of jordan retros
on the sixth day of christmas she bought mе a sixpack
a giftcard to the cheesecake factory, six tickеts to six flags
the seventh day i guess was straight, never thought that i would ever say
yay, i got more toilet paper and some disinfectant spray
the eight day of the christmas we (?) our addictions
eight b*lls of blow, eight crown and cokes, we slept in
and almost missed the ninth day, we woke up at 9 pm
she gave me some gucci shades with the emblem inside the lens
once you get the tenth day really i don’t remember sh*t
my homies from seattle sent us wax, that day we sampled it
it came up on the eleventh quick
them gucci slippers that i picked ain’t in my size
still i made that size eleven fit
on the twelvth day of christmas my true love said to me
we can have a threesome with a friend, but never separately
so that’s twelve minutes f*ckin’, size eleven sneakers
(?), new gucci glasses, (?) six flags tickets
cheesecake factory, sixpack of somethin’ nasty
nattie light or budlight draft, cnt pinky ring
homemade dessert, dizzy herb tray
mont blanc legend, freeworld skinny jeans
and a pair of jordan retros
celebratin’, shootin’ in the sky
christmas bullets whistle like a partridge in a pear tree

- rittz كلمات اغنية