357 – rizzo gun كلمات اغنية

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ok ima knock it down no mo knockin the door
winters coming muf*cka its the black john snow
…december 22nd (yea you heard it before)
ima stop droppin math (cuz these n*ggas is slow)
get it…2 twos….dummy, that make 4
you runnin outta bread, bummy, then make mo’
ima po’, this off white bottle of mo…n*ggas claimin its gas…all they smokin is dro
so i

shoulder leeeean…up out this b*tch
been drinkin on sh*t, the same color as p*ss
& i ain’t tryna diss, im just tryna get lit see i bust shots (try not to get hit) (unh) n*gga i can take a l like a spliff & bun it
99 percent of you ain’t even a hunnid im first place number two, …thats right, i won it bad bwoy since the 80s .. most wanted

- rizzo gun كلمات اغنية