jayex let the beat build – ro ransom كلمات اغنية

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[verse 1]
b-tch you know my name, i am ro ransom
creeping through my city like a rogue phantom, yeah
russian roulette with a loaded handgun
who would’ve thunk it that the future could be so handsome?
i beat death but i might let him get a rematch, cause
life’s a b-tch and you know d-mn well i don’t need that, plus
i ain’t ever gave no love to these hoes either
cause i’m a monster like masayuki kojima
that’s just the honest truth, it ain’t pretty baby
you can’t fault me, this exactly what the city made me
it’s like the name noah just don’t fit me lately
it might be unusual but these are more suitable
i’m juelz ‘s in ’05, lupe in ’06
i’m lil wayne in ’07, can you picture this?
i turned down the same hoes these thirsty n-ggas hit
movie goonie, how could i not stick to the script?

[verse 2]
i used to have rapper friends now i don’t want they help
i’m on this suicide mission all by myself
never ran with a clique, i’m the posse!
kamikaze, strapping a motherf-cking bomb across me
sick as i ever been, suck my d-ck you will never win
my new girl is 21 and she’s thicker than leather skin
i’m consistent forever him, underage veteran
straight to the pros and you’re 36 in a letterman
straight dumpin’, wish a n-gga would say something
i’m so southern i got six or seven play cousins (yeah)
but so new york that i don’t play cousin
f-ck with me and meet the reaper b-tch, it ain’t nothing
m-ssive with the flow, i’m a disaster with the fro
ain’t no father to my style, ol dirty b-st-rd with the flow
i am immaculate, i have mastered it if you rappers didn’t know
gave my life up for this sh-t, ain’t no one p-ssionate as ro

[verse 3]
i’m at the house party. so you never know what might happen
she got blue eyes, does that make her a white dragon?
well, if she want my soul she’ll have to drag it from me
cause i don’t want a girlfriend, i want a bag of money
so many stories from my past, should i tell you more?
down to murder any rapper who wants h-ll through war
cause my f-cking flow is hot enough to melt through floors
i don’t wanna have to off your personnel through force
i got the motherf-cking juice like a health food store
and you know my boots dirty but my rhyme’s clean
i turn a jayex instrumental to a crime scene
fast girls that wanna ‘wine, slow them b-tches; prom queens
how can you hate this sh-t? i am your favorite sh-t
you can’t f-ck with dead me, i ain’t katie vick
i see what these rappers doing and it make me sick
f-ckin’ rappers

- ro ransom كلمات اغنية