ghost (of 7th st.) – roar كلمات اغنية

من فضلك انتظر...

[verse 1: robotic voice]
when you wake up screaming
you have to do what you can
to turn a city sidewalk into a desert island

[verse 2: owen evans]
there’s so much here to ignore
the world’s much uglier than we gave it credit for

i don’t need a god to punish me
i’m perfectly capable of doing it on my own
so leave me alone, oh

it’s a shame to make the same mistakes
but i’m afraid people don’t change

you’ll never save the moth from the flame
you made a tape, and play it loud
to try and drown the demons out

afraid of what will grow in me
a sap to drown the family tree
my body’s just a thing to eat

and where they find me
a star is shining
burning my shadow’s shape in the concrete

- roar كلمات اغنية