18k – roc sol كلمات اغنية

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y’all know uh
jammah on the beat tho
tell ’em like
tell ’em like
tell ’em like this
supa fye now
i got you open
hit you with that braggadocious
i’ve been coasting
toys i’m roasting
you don’t want to see the dopeness
i got the sh*t that you needed
you couldn’t beat it so now your defeated
talking that sh*t but you ready to eat it
getting revenge like i’m even with steven

in your veins
break the chains
you cannot maintain
you was lame
running game
we are not the samе

back to back you know we back again
you are not the homiе no you’re not the friend
you a fake a snake and dawg that’s pretend
i’ve been picture perfect with a different lens
you know what it is
mind your biz
i’m the wiz
get it how you live multiply by the wins
numbers don’t lie but these people do
keep it a hundred you know that i keep it true
listen pretty ricky situations get sticky
looking kind of iffy with the way you get busy
talking that lizzie mcguire
looking like kanye west went through the wire
that’s not a diss homie i am inspired
i spit that fire the guns are for hire
doing this sh*t ’till 160
got your b*tch wet like her nickname is misty
keep it a buck i ain’t taking no 50 or 20s or 10s
so say h*llo to my little friend
the beginning of the end for you
had a good run now you just brains for food
i mean food for brains
i mean i’m insane
cannot debate
cannot create
cannot relate
will i escape y’all
uh yeah
this is the level up here is the upper cut
i just don’t give a f*ck
busting a f*cking nut
busting up a nut on your momma dukes
momma dukes
i’m your mom’s favorite
yo supply the truth you snooze you lose
don’t get confused to get abused
and get amused on the mic though
this is my life though
f*ck all the hype though
moonwalking like michael all over your corpse
of course i support k!lling rappers for sport
don’t step on my cord if your sh*t is too short
f*ck your support
i’ma hold down the fort
in your veins
break the chains
you cannot maintain
you was lame
running game
we are not the same

- roc sol كلمات اغنية