computers remix – rome (nrnlb) كلمات اغنية

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i swear all these n-gg-s k!llas on instagram
that’s why i’m thinking ’bout deleting my whole instagram
my whole hood felons poled up we don’t give a d-mn
can’t catch you in your hood we find out where you livin’ fam

[verse 1: rome]

you ain’t gon’ get nowhere with all that computer sh-t
a gun attached to your keyboard swear you shootin’ sh-t
these opps they sweet as honey they be hidin’
i hit the cut less time lil bro nem turn up drivin’
2:00 am, 3:00 am, 4:00 am we slidin’
get in this field quit with that facebook twitter glidin’
it’s 30 in dese ‘stendos choppas they a huncho
ask about me i’m official, n-gg- i’m a huncho
if we into it, ain’t no point of us havin’ a convo
and i advise you keep your distance, we shoot if you come close
if you see me then your life, that’s what you should run for
i got a beam in case you fast cuz i smoke and i run slow
opp hoes playin’ sides, don’t think that we dumb hoe
f-ck you and get some info out you, dismiss the lil dumb hoe
i’m ridin’ down the nine me and my goons
thought everybody was on the nine where princess rude?
since a youngin’ n-gg-s know i been that dude
and n-gg-s characters they know they squarer than some screws
it’s gettin’ hot you know we posted with them tools
and i’m muggin’ every car that ride fast you better cruise
i remember ’06 when my momma found that move
she told me b-tch you gettin’ too grown get out you gotta move
and every man bleed the same don’t fear no dude
from that dirty block got street sweepers mop sticks ain’t got no brooms
and hit them cuts if you wanna b-tch we don’t snooze
ain’t no safety on this tool pull this b-tch up out my trues
and i just bought a brand new ruger
i been using guns you n-gg-s brand new shooters gang

take my 30 second smoke intermission a somethin’ man
come back and f-ck you n-gg-s up
rip the guys man free fo nem’ way up rip bro nem’ way up man
still collectin’ phone calls from fo nem’ man
finna take off with this rap sh-t man n-gg-s know
ain’t no n-gg- f-ckin’ with me in chicago man
and i ain’t excludin’ no rapper on fo nem’ boy
and if n-gg-s want problems i’m on 105th, gang
107th, larry- land 99th
f-ck you talkin’ ’bout

[verse 2: rome]

i ain’t with that twitter war, don’t comment or at me
b-tch i got juice like lemons it’s a lemon on that xd
i’m on 10-5 larry land, 10-7 on sb
these opps be hidin’ we be slidin’ like we ridin’ jet skis
she say i’m your biggest fan, she say you a beast though
when i get on we gon’ be on b-tch is you smokin’ primo?
my whole team flexin’, all these b-tches doin’ dinos
with hands out but where were you? got me feelin’ like migos
when i do hits that sh-t be easy as h-ttin’ a free throw
ak on beast mode, got choppas tall as danny devito
and if it’s f-ck me f-ck you too b-tch i’m feelin’ like cee lo
i see myself gettin’ that bag i didn’t have to call cleo
my b-tch be stalkin, i swear to god thought she was a co
her -ss be tryna’ watch my p-ss i thought she was a po
i’m chokin’ off this sour diesel this big lishie pack
they do a drill we do a drill they tell these n-gg-s rats
i shed tears for my brothers, but that won’t bring em’ back
we crusin’ in them steamers with ninas like where these n-gg-s at
park a block away hop out right through they dips
with guns fully loaded caught him uploadin’ a pic
he screaming out “bro i ain’t with that sh-t!”
i seen’t you in them photos b-tch quit lying yes you is
now your family’s on the news
homicide interrogating i done spent two days in this room
on this time and date mr. craft where were you?
excuse me sir i plead the fifth and my lawyer a’ be here soon
my life a movie b-tch i’m 2pac up in juice
but i will not k!ll my homies and i won’t die on a roof
and i be k!llin’ n-gg-s beast this sh-t is proof
i am not just a rapper clap a n-gg-s with with ruge’
and i just bought lil bro a brand new semi
told him he gettin’ a choppa for graduatin’ elementary

- rome nrnlb كلمات اغنية