360 flip – rustoblak كلمات اغنية

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i do a 360 flip with the nine on my hip
smoke heavy dope i don’t give a sh*t
p*ssy for trying he gone eat a clip
don’t take it personal i just took yah b*tch

i bust on this 9 till that sh*t go cl!ck cause
i know d*mn right your boy is a snitch
money and drugs that sh*t will k!ll u quick
my glock ain’t scared to rip thru your sh*t
smoking heavy till that sh*t don’t stink
pull the trigger ain’t no time to think
on law loaded clip to the f*cking tip
aim it any way watch sh*t rip
i don’t give a f*ck if that b*tch want my money and my good d*ck

ima let all these p*ssy cowards know
that some of y’all gonna have to go
barrels smokes it ain’t no dro
blood leaking to the floo
ima have to let yah mama know
he was a victim of a heavy metal

- rustoblak كلمات اغنية